About CISC

C. Bradley Thompson, Executive Director
Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism

There is no question today more urgent and that deserves greater attention than this: Is capitalism a just and moral system?

At the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism, our mission is explore the moral foundations of capitalism. In pursuit of this mission, we work with students, the academic community, and the general public to increase public awareness of capitalism's core principles and institutions.

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  • In addition to our Lyceum Scholars Program, each year the Clemson Institute teaches 600 - 800 students in up to 20 different courses.

  • Scholarship

  • Faculty members affiliated with the Clemson Institute regularly publish books and in academic journals.
  • Each year, we host a Hayek Visiting Scholar, to help develop the careers of junior researchers.
  • Outreach

  • The Clemson Institute hosts the largest public lecture series at Clemson University. Past speakers include Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, George F. Will, Tyler Cowen, Richard Epstein, Lawrence W. Reed and Alan Charles Kors.
  • Publications

    The Institute was founded on the belief that scholarship regarding morality, politics and economics must rigorously adhere to reality and human nature. We therefore examine how certain ideas actually work in practice and whether those ideas produce freedom, opportunity and prosperity for those who affirm them.

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    Academic Advisory Council

    Gary S. Becker


    University of Chicago

    Winner of the 1992 Nobel Prize in Economics

    Robert B. Ekelund

    Auburn University

    Richard A. Epstein

    University of Chicago Law School

    Kenneth R. French

    Dartmouth College

    Robert P. George

    Princeton University

    Alan Charles Kors

    University of Pennsylvania

    Harvey C. Mansfield

    Harvard University

    Tara Smith

    The University of Texas

    Vernon Smith

    Chapman University

    Winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics

    Gordon S. Wood

    Brown University

    Winner of the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for History