Capitalism Resources

Online Resources

Listed below are some links to webpages hosted by other schools, foundations, programs, and individuals. All of them provide valuable resources for those wishing to learn more about capitalism and the moral foundations of a free society. Although The Clemson Institute believes that each of these websites has invaluable resources for students, professors, and others interested in capitalism, the inclusion of any specific link should not be taken to imply agreement or endorsement by The Clemson Institute.

The Library of Economics and Liberty

This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in capitalism. It hosts articles, podcasts, online books, and dozens of other resources on all topics relating to the economics of free markets.

The Online Library of Liberty

This website is hosted by Liberty Fund, a private educational foundation. It hosts a wealth of information about the principles of a free society. It has an excellent library of online books (with searchable texts) and a robust forum section with podcasts, lectures, interviews, bibliographies, and much more.

The Mercatus Center

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University has a wide array of education and policy-oriented material available on its site. It focuses on economic policy and the education outreach to make economic knowledge more available in policy debates.

Foundation for Economic Education

A resource of articles, videos, and more.