Lyceum Scholars

America's first and only four year university-based academic program dedicated to exploring the moral, political, and economic foundations of a free society.

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Lyceum Scholars Program

Open to incoming freshmen, the Lyceum curriculum develops students' faculties of inquiry and ignites their passion for knowledge. It presents students with ideas that are fundamental, timeless, and life-changing.

The Program uses a Great Books approach to studying liberty, free markets, the American Founding and moral character. All Lyceum Scholars are given a "Socratic tutor" who will closely monitor and guide their intellectual development for their entire four-year education.

Those interested in becoming Lyceum Scholars should apply in their senior year of high school to Clemson University and to the Lyceum Scholars Program.

The application is now closed. Students entering college in Fall 2019 can apply starting in mid-August 2018.

Current Clemson students please visit our Lyceum Fellows page.

Lyceum Scholarship

All Lyceum Scholars receive a $10,000 scholarship, which is disbursed over their four years at Clemson University.

In exchange for this scholarship, students in the program take a sequence of eight courses with the other Lyceum Scholars in their graduating class.

The Lyceum Difference

The Lyceum Scholars Program draws inspiration from the Lyceum School founded by Aristotle in Ancient Greece.

Lyceum Scholars study the moral principles of a free society, the political ideals of the American Founding and the economic foundations of capitalism.

Emphasis on Moral Character:

We believe there is a connection between moral character and a free society.

At the end of this unique course of study, students will graduate with a robust training in the intellectual skills of being serious and honest thinkers, articulate speakers and eloquent writers. Additionally, students will be thoroughly familiar with the essential ideas that form the foundation of free institutions, thus preparing them to move into careers in law, academia, policy making and business.

As a close-knit learning community, the Lyceum Scholars program helps students form lifelong friendships with others who share their interests.

In addition, it introduces them to renowned academics, helps them discover their passions and achieve their goals, and opens doors to opportunities at think tanks, policy centers and philanthropic foundations across the country.

The Lyceum Curriculum

All Lyceum Scholars take a sequence of eight classes — one per semester — together as an intellectual cohort. The program is open to students of any major, but students who complete this course of study fulfill the requirements for a minor in Political Science ("Political and Legal Theory"), and six of the eight courses count towards the Political Science major at Clemson.

Freshman Year

  • Introduction to Political Theory

  • Wisdom of the Ancients

  • Sophomore Year

  • Political Thought of the American Founding

  • American Political Thought

  • Junior Year

  • Constitutional Law I:
    Structures of Government

  • Constitutional Law II:
    Rights and Liberties

  • Senior Year

  • Political Theory of Capitalism

  • Wisdom of the Moderns
    (Capstone Course)

  • Socratic Tutors

    Each Lyceum Scholar is assigned their own Socratic tutor (a member of the Lyceum faculty), who mentors their intellectual and character development while at Clemson.

    This mentorship helps students to connect theory (i.e., the ideas they learn in class) with real-life practice and to develop their own sense of moral character.

    Required Reading

    Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

    Atlas Shrugged

    The Law

    Cicero On Duties

    United States Constitution

    United States Declaration of Independence

    The Federalist Papers

    Capitalism and Freedom

    Law, Legislation and Liberty

    Two Treatises of Government

    The Prince

    Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844

    Human Action

    The Spirit of the Laws

    The Republic

    A Theory of Justice

    Discourse on the Origin of Inequality

    Dialogues and Essays

    The Wealth of Nations

    Democracy in America

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